About CD Products, Inc.
CD Products, Inc. provides expertise in the selection and installation of high performance industrial protective flooring, coatings, liners and barrier systems. We are your partner in specialty protective surfaces with a commitment to integrity in our relationship with our customers and craftsmanship in our work.

Lyle Marier (standing) installing a fiberglass reinforcing
layer over a polyester floor. This sophisticated system
was first piloted by Lyle in the 1970's.

Company Values:

Customer Relations - We believe in providing our customers significant choice in selecting the various surfaces appropriate for their individual situation, a detailed and accurate assessment with them of the costs and benefits of each choice, and the craftsmanlike installation of the final surface they decide upon.

Lyle Marier (standing) installing a fiberglass reinforcing
layer over a polyester floor. This sophisticated system
was first piloted by Lyle in the 1970's.

Community Relations:
We believe in being a responsible member of the community with a mandate to provide products and installations that preserve and protect the environment.

Bob VanHulst, general foreman, and Brian Boldt, foreman, install epoxy joint fillers in a sugar warehouse in Chicago.

Employee Relations:

We believe in hiring and promoting on merit without regard to race, national original, sex and religion. We believe in providing a safe work environment where employees have the opportunity to grow, learn and further their skills in ways that will benefit them, the community and the company.

Matt Schmitz, one of our foremen, applies a polyurea joint filler.

Environmental and Safety Policy:

We are acutely aware of our responsibility to the protection of the environment, workers, and customer personnel. We formulate with the safest ingredients possible appropriate for the expected use, frequently using more expensive materials to gain safer higher flash point to product or those with decreased personal sensitivities. Cleaning and preparation products are formulated to be of minimum hazard and biodegradable.

Tom Hennessy is a chemcial engineer with additional business degrees. 


CD Products, Inc. began in 1980 by Tom Hennessy a degreed Chemical Engineer with a multiple minor MBA. After 12 years making literally millions of gallons of paint, ink, lacquers and other specialty coatings at two different company locations, was "downsized" in the 4th sale in as many years of the coatings and inks group he ran in Menasha, WI. He liked Wisconsin and decided that he might do as well staying in the area he liked and starting his own company rather than moving elsewhere and joining a different organization. During the first two years the company had several names and finally in 1983 it was incorporated as CD Products, Inc. which was short for Concrete Defense Products, as most of the work was some form of concrete structure coating - floors, walls, containment liners, etc.

After being a major dealer for a national scale epoxy producer, Tom decided he would have greater latitude in providing products if he were to make his own products. Formulating first in his garage then basement then in several different and increasingly larger facilities, he developed most of the current product line and ran all the installation crews. In 1989 Lyle Marier joined the company from Minneapolis bringing over 25 years of field expertise in installing epoxy, fiberglass and urethane systems. Nearly simultaneously to this, they moved into their present property at 918 N. Union St. in Appleton Wisconsin. Over the next 10 years their product line expanded significantly and customer base expanded to several states around Wisconsin and now into Mexico. Significant technical expertise was added in 1999 when Jack Hayford, a Masters degree chemist was added to the staff with responsibilities for production and research.