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We offer a full line or all the most typical and many non-typical products designed to make your projects easier, faster, more profitable, and more durable. Substantial discounts off base industrial prices are offered for companies routinely engaged in this craft.  We offer full training though companies with experience can take faster benefit of our technology.  We offer custom color matching. Custom development, and unlimited consulting.  Our personnel have installed these materials from 1980 with over 100 man years in house installation experience in nearly every industry and commercial environment so our advice comes from the “been there done that” perspective.



We have a full line of industrial coating products, kits, and cleaners. Discounts off list as a commission is the most typical approach.  Although we can and do private label, its likely if we don’t have it and you need it, we can make it and supply it.



We are seeking several different classes of employees and encourage those interested in a career in this business to contact us:

Installation Helper

We have immediate full-time and part-time openings available.  We require our applicants to have specific behavioral qualities, such as being dependable, energetic, willing to learn, able to work independently without close supervision, and the desire to advance.  Our type of business requires flexibility in work hours – any time of the day and any day of the week.  Starting wage depends on experience and the willingness to work hard.  Benefits such as health and dental insurance, holiday and vacation pay are included.  We do require that our employees have a valid driver’s license and we do check driving records.  A drug test may be required.


In addition to the above position, we require employees having 3 – 5 years of industrial coating or industrial flooring experience.  We also require the same behavioral qualities as above plus having the ability to lead a crew, being quality-minded, able to manage multiple projects, to take responsibility for the completion of a project, and the desire to advance.


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